The Police Foundation is an independent registered charity, and our work would not be possible without the support offered to us by a wide range of funders, including charitable trusts, foundations, businesses and individual donors. Most of our funding comes in the form of charitable grants or donations, although we also carry out consultancy work for organisations such as police forces.

The Police Foundation believes that there is a public interest in the funding of think tanks, and we are committed to transparency in this area. Every year our annual accounts are published on the Charity Commission website, outlining how our funds are raised and spent.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support of all our supporters. Those for the year ended 30th June 2017 are listed below.

Unrestricted donations

  • Sir Ronald Hobson: £10,000.
  • The Tompkins Foundation: £25,000.
  • The Garrard Family Foundation: £36,000.

Restricted grants

  • The Barrow Cadbury Trust: £24,000 for work on innovation and crime reduction and policing and young adults.
  • The Dawes Trust: £107,342 for our project on improving the local response to fraud.
  • The Hadley Trust: £69,800 for our project on the future of neighbourhood policing.
  • KPMG: £6,500 for our police policy dinners.

Fees and sponsorship

  • The Foundation raised £8,777 from conference fees.
  • The Foundation received £48,588 in royalties from sales of our publications Roadcraft and Motorcycle Roadcraft.

Consultancy fees

  • The Foundation generated £112,689 in fee income from our courses and from consultancy services provided to CGI Ltd for work on digital justice and the National Police Chiefs’ Council for work on the governance of specialist policing capabilities.