Andy Higgins

Research Director

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Andy joined the Police Foundation in 2013 to lead on analysis and evaluation for the Police effectiveness in a changing world project, and has since researched and written on neighbourhood policing, multi-agency case management, victim belief, supra-force governance and the links between crime and housing. He became the Foundation’s Research Director in 2017. Before joining the Police Foundation Andy spent nine years working in analytical roles with the Metropolitan Police Service, including as a crime and intelligence analyst, before moving to a central Corporate Development team where he carried out strategic research, corporate performance analysis and co-authored a large-scale evaluation of an Integrated Offender Management initiative. He has also worked in commercial qualitative and quantitative market research and has degrees from Oxford and the Open Universities.

Blog Posts

Published: 26th June 2017
Donald Rumsfeld famously spoke about ‘known knowns…things that we know that we know’, ‘known unknowns’, the things we ‘know…we do not know’ and ‘unknown unknowns’, the things ‘we don’t know we don’t know’. In recent years policing’s grasp of...
Themes: Cyber crime, Fraud
Published: 25th January 2017
Published: 20th August 2015