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Neighbourhood policing: a police force typology and an appeal for local insights

Andy Higgins looks at the increasingly divergent routes forces are taking to fulfil their commitment to neighbourhood policing since the end of the Neighbourhood Policing Programme.

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A hard Brexit for policing and justice?

Now that Article 50 has been triggered the Foundation's director Rick Muir looks at the implications of Brexit for policing and justice.

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How efficient and effective are the police?

Professor Iain McLean of the Gwilym Gibbon Centre for Public Policy at Nuffield College, University of Oxford reflects on the findings of a recent project on value for money in British

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Police effectiveness 2016: Robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Waving a “large and deep-red warning flag”, HMIC’s 2016 PEEL Effectiveness report paints a distinctly pessimistic picture of policing in England and Wales. It also begs some

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Policing within a system

It is widely accepted that policing should become increasingly integrated with local public services as crime becomes more complex, however all too often this remains a vague and

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Is a mental health dam in policing starting to crack?

Gavin Hales says that news that Flint House has temporarily closed it doors to officers seeking psychological support should sound alarm bells for police forces and Police and Crime

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Core functions: the real value of neighbourhood policing

To meet the policing challenges of today and tomorrow, we should be clear about what neighbourhood policing is for, what functions it should perform and how policing styles and scarce

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Promotion barriers to and at chief officer level – findings from my own research

Our Deputy Director Gavin Hales looks at findings from his own research following the publication of the College of Policing's survey on chief officer appointments and barriers to

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The Police foundation's staff offer their personal views on some of the big policing and crime issues of the day from an evidence based perspective. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Police Foundation.

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