Published: 22nd June 2018
Police wellbeing Much recent evidence has demonstrated that wellbeing and morale of police officers has gradually declined since 2010. While austerity and cuts to the core police budget have certainly...
Theme: Governance
Published: 5th June 2017
2016 elections Election results Police and Crime Commissioners contact details Events How can charities maximise their impact by working with Police and Crime Commissioners? In October 2016 NPC and the Police Foundation...


Published: 30th June 2017
Related theme: Governance
Published: 2nd December 2016
Related theme: Governance

Key insights from an event hosted by NPC and the Police Foundation which explored how the role of PCC has evolved.

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Published: 11th September 2018
Today’s National Audit Office report on the financial sustainability of the police service makes for damning reading. It summarises what anyone working in policing will already know: a real terms...
Published: 14th September 2017