Annual Conference: Innovation and learning in policing 24 October, 2018 (London)


Annual Conference: Innovation and learning in policing 24 October, 2018 (London)

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With demand going up and resources going down it is vital that police forces are able to try out new ideas and test different ways of working. Innovation is vital if policing is to become more efficient and capable of keeping pace with social and technological change.

The Police Foundation’s 9th Annual Conference will explore how to equip police, other professionals and organisations to try out new ideas and learn from their results.

The conference will include keynote speeches from some of the best leaders, thinkers and practitioners in policing, alongside break-out sessions which will explore practical tools for unlocking innovation and learning in police forces and local communities.

We will hear from Professor Lawrence Sherman on the 20th anniversary of his lecture that launched the ‘Evidence Based Policing’ movement. He will assess the progress over the last two decades and reflect on the relationship between innovation, learning and evidence.  

We will also hear from the new Chief Executive of the College of Policing, Mike Cunningham about what the College will do over the next few years to support local innovation and spread learning throughout the police service.

Why is innovation important?

With police officer numbers falling and the service facing an unparalleled level of demand due to societal changes and the rise of new technology, the police need to keep pace if they are to reduce crime and protect communities. This means that police officers and staff will need to innovate in order to develop solutions to the challenges in their local communities. It also requires innovation to be evaluated so that the police service as a whole can learn and improve, developing and using a stronger evidence base.

The HMICFRS Police Leadership Report 2017 states that ‘in circumstances of increasingly complex and changing demand, police leaders should be open to suggestions from the workforce, and open to what is working well outside the force’ and since its inception in 2016, the Home Office Police Transformation Fund has invested £220 million to fund innovations in policing. One of the core goals of the College of Policing is to ‘develop the research and infrastructure for improving evidence of ‘what works’. Over time, this will ensure that policing practice and standards are based on knowledge, rather than custom and convention’.

Who should attend?

The conference will bring together police officers from all ranks, Police and Crime Commissioners, academics and attendees from the private and third sectors

Benefits of attending

  • For police officers, the conference represents an opportunity to learn more about how to innovate on the frontline, and to hear about successful examples of innovating within large and complex organisations.
  • For police leaders, the conference will provide an opportunity to hear about how managers can create a culture that fosters innovation and learning from evidence.
  • For academics, the conference is an opportunity to think about how universities and police forces can work together to bridge the gap between research and implementing evidence-based ideas.
  • For police partners in the public and private sectors, the conference will be an opportunity to understand how the police service is aiming to unlock innovation and work with others to fight crime and protect communities.

The programme may be subject to change

Professor Lawrence Sherman KNO, Director, Cambridge Centre for Evidence Based Policing and Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge (CONFIRMED)Evidence-based policing: a 20 year progress report
Mike Cunningham QPM, CEO, College of Policing (CONFIRMED)Spreading innovation and learning: the role of the College of Policing
Geoff Mulgan CBE, Chief Executive, Nesta (CONFIRMED)Big Mind: how collective intelligence can help the police learn and change
Andy Rhodes QPM, Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary (CONFIRMED)Overcoming risk aversion in policing
Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex (CONFIRMED)Unlocking innovation: the role of police and crime commissioners
Break-out sessions:
Erwin Van Waeleghem, Former Commissioner, Leuven Police, Belgium (CONFIRMED)'Teal' policing: empowering frontline officers to innovate
Rob Flanagan, Innovation Manager, Lancashire Police (CONFIRMED)How to create an innovation culture in a police force
Andy Higgins, The Police Foundation and Paul Dawson, Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, London(CONFIRMED)How to develop and test solutions: putting evidence based policing into practice
Rowan Conway, Director of Innovation and Development, RSA
How to be a public entrepreneur
Owen Hunnam, CEO and Jonathan Fisher, Gobal Head of Enterprise, Idea Drop (CONFIRMED)Driving innovation with technology
Professor Adam Crawford, Leeds University and N8 Partnership (CONFIRMED)How the police can work with academics to improve policing

Innovation and learning in policing: the Police Foundation's annual conference 2018
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