Improving performance


Improving performance

This Masterclass provides a practical framework to help you understand, maintain and improve organisational performance, and to make the best use of your resources.

Organisational performance is about what we achieve as a result of what we do: in other words, about the effect we have on the world. But in practice this can be complex for several reasons, for example:

– What is it that we want to achieve?
– What do we need to do to achieve it?
– Is what actually gets done what we decided to do?
– How can we make the best use of limited resources?
– How do we assess the effectiveness and efficiency of what we do?

This Masterclass will provide you with a practical framework to help you deal with the complexity of understanding, maintaining and improving performance while making the best use of your resources.

By paying attention to how we shape our actions, we can become more effective and efficient. And by paying attention to how our actions bring about their consequences, we can refine our actions and develop new approaches.

This model will be explained in detail through concepts including objectives, inputs, outputs and processes. The importance of these concepts will be illustrated with practical examples and includes some intriguing and sometimes challenging exercises.

What the course covers

•  From policy to practice – the dangers of nominalism and how to avoid it
•  Actions and their consequences (outputs and outcomes)
•  Knowing what we want to achieve (objectives)
•  Taking account of resources (inputs)
•  Shaping our actions (processes)
•  Evaluating and understanding the effects of our actions (mechanisms)
•  Taking account of the environment (context)
•  An evidence-based model – the role of information and analysis

This Masterclass is one of two essential introductions to the problem of police performance (see also Understanding Performance). It is aimed at anyone involved in managing, understanding, improving or analysing performance in policing.

Improving performance
02/06/2020 10:00 am
02/06/2020 5:00 pm