Statistics for performance


Statistics for performance


This Masterclass will introduce you to the fundamentals of effective performance analysis and will provide you with practical examples of how the methods are applied, and how conclusions can be drawn from them.


Statistics have a bad reputation: they are often seen as dry and technical. In addition they can be viewed with suspicion: ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’. But when used with discipline they can provide the insights into police performance that we need to make informed decisions. And, as this course will demonstrate, they are fascinating and entertaining.

Statistical methods are essential to the meaningful analysis of police performance and help decision makers to take informed decisions about how it can be improved. To achieve this, statistical analysis must go beyond performance figures and use methods that go beneath the data.

This Masterclass introduces the concepts underpinning sophisticated performance analysis and provides practical illustrations of how the methods are applied, and how conclusions can be drawn.

How this course will help you:

  • Learn  to avoid making knee-jerk reactions to minor changes in figures  through understanding statistical significance and whether variations are likely to be non-random.
  • To find ways of understand the possible causes if a variation is significant.

The concepts and methods covered in this course will be explained in a policing context and illustrated with practical policing examples. The technical material will be covered in an engaging way, which can be easily understood by those with no mathematical background or qualifications.

What the course covers

•  The purpose and fundamental concepts of statistical analysis
•  Descriptive and inferential statistics
•  Understanding frequencies and percentage frequencies
•  Using the mean and median to summarise data
•  The standard deviation, its uses, limitations and alternatives
•  Understanding (actual) performance – from quantitative to qualitative
•  Trends and forecasting, including taking account of seasonality

This Masterclass introduces the technical foundation for drawing conclusions about police performance according to the principles established in Understanding performance and Improving performance. It is aimed at anyone involved in managing, understanding, improving or analysing performance.

Statistics for performance
03/06/2020 10:00 am
03/06/2020 5:00 pm