Our lectures and events provide a forum for senior members of the police service, academics, practitioners and policy makers to debate contemporary policing issues. We aim to stimulate new ideas and challenge existing policies and practices outside (but still involving) government and the police service.

John Harris Memorial Lecture

The Police Foundation's annual John Harris Memorial Lecture has, since 1983, been an ideal platform for a long line of distinguished speakers to speak out on important policing issues of the day.

Oxford Policing Policy Forum

The Police Foundation, together with Oxford University hosts the Oxford Policing Policy Forum which provides an opportunity for a range of stakeholders to discuss fundamental or contentious policing issues.

Annual Conference

Our more recently established annual conference has explored topical subjects such as policing and the recession, providing an opportunity for the police service and its partners to meet and share best practice.


Since 1991, the Police Foundation has hosted management and research seminars for police managers, analysts and researchers with responsibility for performance or information management. Courses are led by experienced researcher and trainer, Malcolm Hibberd.