Performance masterclasses for police managers and analysts

Policing has never changed as fast and as much as it is today: the service must not only adapt to a major reform programme but also work within tighter budgets while meeting the government’s requirements for becoming a more professional service. Our courses, written and taught by Malcolm Hibberd, are designed with these challenges in mind.

Forthcoming masterclasses are shown below. All courses will be held at Etc Venues, 1-3 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX.

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Performance Masterclass 1

Understanding performance

11 December 2017

Performance is a judgement which should be based on evidence however the evidence never speaks for itself, and will always be open to alternative readings. The solution to this is a disciplined approach to analysis (the responsibility of analysts) and analytic thinking (the responsibility of decision makers). In this masterclass, participants will explore the problems of interpretation through a series of engaging and eye-opening exercises with practical advice on how to minimise their effects.

Performance Masterclass 2

Improving performance

12 December 2017

Simply stated, performance is about what we achieve as a result of what we do. However on a practical level we need to understand what we want to achieve, what we need to do, the costs involved and how we assess the effectiveness and efficiency of what we do.

Performance Masterclass 3

Developing a performance culture

13 December 2017

Many police managers feel that we need to develop a more rational performance culture and move away from the simplistic use of targets and league tables. But what should a new performance culture look like? And what do we need to do to achieve it?

Performance Masterclass 4

Analysing performance

14 December 2017

Performance analysis involves statistics but to the non-specialist they may be dry or difficult. They may also know little about different statistical methods or how to use, present and interpret statistics.

Statistics for police analysts

These courses can be provided in-house for any police organisation, or for a number of police organisations in collaboration.