Does neighbourhood policing have a future?

With the economic crisis placing increasing pressure on policing budgets, neighbourhood policing is in danger of being significantly eroded. The Forum discussed whether neighbourhood policing has a future and, if so, what kind of future that might be. It considered the following questions:

  • During times of austerity, are the police, and other agencies, withdrawing to their ‘core’ mission? Are the police in danger of reverting to a law enforcement and response model by default?
  • Can the original vision of neighbourhood policing be sustained or renewed? If so, how?
  • Are there better ways to deliver local community safety and public reassurance?
  • How can resources for local policing be fairly allocated? Is it possible or desirable to develop a ‘triage’ model, prioritising need?
  • How can neighbourhood officers become more effective problem solvers?
  • Can neighbourhood policing (best) be done by agencies other than the police?
  • What is the future of PCSOs?
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This summary of the relevant literature on neighbourhood policing was commissioned by Thames Valley Police to inform their review of the future role and function of neighbourhood policing in their force. It covers the history and development of neighbourhood policing, describes its main models, assesses...