Organised crime and the adult sex market

Unlike the on-street sex market, which is more visible to the public, the hidden off-street sex market has received relatively little attention from practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. This is in spite of the heightened risk of abuse to those working in brothels of exploitation and abuse at the hands of perpetrators seeking to control and profit from the sex market. Tackling trafficking and exploitation are key components of the government’s Serious and Organised Crime Strategy, however little is currently known about perpetrators and organised crime groups operating in the UK sex market.

To address this gap in knowledge, the Police Foundation and Perpetuity Research took a ‘ground floor’ view of the off-street sex market in a single city to assess how much of the off-street sex market is controlled by organised crime groups and what it looks like, the impact it has on local communities, the response to it and the key challenges faced by the police and other local agencies.

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