Police leadership roundtable

In its first year, the College of Policing began a review to examine police leadership training and development, given the changing context in which policing is operating. It became clear that a fundamental review of police leadership was required and this mandate was taken on in July 2014 following a commission from the Home Secretary Theresa May.

The College launched their Leadership Review in the summer of 2014. An interim report was published in March 2015 and a final report will be produced in June 2015.

As part of this review the Police Foundation hosted a closed roundtable discussion with 27 senior stakeholders to consider the future of police leadership. The discussion was framed by six questions: 

(i) What is police leadership?

(ii) What are the key leadership challenges that lie ahead for policing?

(iii) What should the police service be doing to identify and develop future leaders at all levels?

(iv) What should be the role of stakeholders?

(v) What can policing learn from other sectors?

(vi) What is the value of looking outside policing for leaders and leadership; what might be the risks?

Download the full roundtable report (285kb).

Download the introductory talk by Dr Bryn Caless from Canterbury Christ Church University (212kb)