Developing a tailored approach to policing young adults

Developing a tailored approach to policing young adults

Together with Revolving Doors Agency, the Police Foundation has launched a Knowledge Exchange Network that brings together police Inspectors and Chief Inspectors from across England and Wales to co-create new and better ways of policing young adults aged 18-25.

The Network was born out of a growing evidence that the policing of 18-25-year olds needs a distinct approach. Young adults constitute less than 10 per cent of the UK population but make up to 30-40 per cent of all police cases. Evidence clearly shows that young adults do not reach full developmental maturity until age 25, and this lack of maturity can lead to unnecessary risk taking and impulsive behaviour.

This Network will provide police with peer-to-peer learning and support, recognising the wealth of knowledge and expertise among police officers. Inspectors and Chief Inspectors across police services across England Wales will be able to share evidence and tackle difficult issues. The focus will be on upscaling innovation and practices that are evidence-based, that can become mainstream.

The Network will focus on upscaling and mainstreaming evidence-based practice in areas such as:

  • Procedural fairness
  • Diversion schemes
  • Police’s role in responding to trauma and inequalities
  • Improving community engagement mechanisms

The Police Foundation and Revolving Doors Agency will:

  • Oversee coordination and facilitation of the Network.
  • Share research and international best practice.
  • Involve young adults with lived experience of the criminal justice system to support discussions and learning.
  • Disseminate evidence and learning on a national scale.

The Network welcomes Inspectors and Chief Inspectors from police services across England and Wales. The meetings will be held online every 6 weeks from 15th December. Register your interest on Eventbrite.

For further information please contact Stephen Walcott