Our research combines academic rigour with a focus on developing recommendations that are relevant to day to day policing. In recent years we have studied how the police can best tackle crime at a time of social change and looked at reducing the impact of organised crime in local communities.

We are currently carrying out research into policing young people, the future of neighbourhood policing and on improving the way in which fraud is policed.

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Current Projects

The Police Foundation has started work on a two year project on improving how local forces tackle fraud. We are looking at the response to fraud by the police and other agencies, from prevention through to reporting and responding to victims, and onto investigation. The project is being delivered in partnership with Perpetuity Research and the Foundation will work with a number of forces as well as national agencies.

Recently Completed Projects

The Police Foundation in collaboration with CGI, examined the costs and inefficiencies caused by a paper-based criminal justice system and looked at how digitisation, collaborative working practices, and technologies such as intelligent automation offer opportunities to resolve many of the system’s historic challenges.

Police effectiveness has never been more important. Austerity now means that value for money is key and proving ‘what works’ through evidence based policing is being taken much more seriously. Additionally, reducing long-term harm and demand for services is increasingly recognised as a practical solution to lowering costs.

Between 2011 and 2015, our research team worked closely with the police and their community safety partners in Luton and Slough – two English towns that had experienced the local impact of global change particularly acutely.

We drew on the wider evidence-base on police effectiveness to promote local partnerships, to better deal with the ‘changing world’ and to find sustainable solutions to local crime problems.

Other Projects


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