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We are the Police Foundation, the UK’s policing think tank. We are the only independent body in the UK  that researches, understands and works to improve policing for the benefit of the public. Policing has never changed as fast and as much as it is today. All this makes the existence of an independent body that uses high quality evidence to deliver an impartial perspective on contemporary policing issues more important than ever.

Perspectives on policing

From crime fighting to public protection - the shaping of police officers' sense of role

Police Effectiveness in a Changing World

Read our concluding reports on what we learned about policing and crime reduction from working with two police forces over five years.

Blog post
Published: 25th October 2017
The police might be forgiven for thinking that parts of the press have it in for them. First The Sun launched an all out assault on Humberside Police for officers...
Blog post
Published: 23rd October 2017
It’s becoming a cliché remarkably quickly within cyber policing circles that forces are tackling a 21st century threat with a 20th century mindset. As clichés go, given that the number...
Blog post
Published: 20th October 2017
From looking at the headlines over the last 24 hours you would think the UK is in the middle of a crime wave. ‘Violent crime is up 19%’ screamed the Metro....
Blog post
Published: 22nd September 2017

In an age of anxiety about cyber security and online privacy blockchain appears to offer new solutions.