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We are the Police Foundation, the UK’s policing think tank. We are the only independent body in the UK  that researches, understands and works to improve policing for the benefit of the public. Policing has never changed as fast and as much as it is today. All this makes the existence of an independent body that uses high quality evidence to deliver an impartial perspective on contemporary policing issues more important than ever.

1979 - 2019

The Police Foundation is 40!

Policing and the public

Annual Conference, 26 November 2019

This year we’ll explore the role of community engagement and its importance to the challenges and opportunities the police face, both now and in the future.

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Strategic Review of Policing

Call for evidence

We have launched a call for evidence for the Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales. Find out how you can help us shape the police service of the future.

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