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The Police Foundation is the only independent think tank focused entirely on developing knowledge and understanding of policing and crime reduction, while challenging the police service and the government to improve policing for the benefit of the public. The Police Foundation acts as a bridge between the public, the police and the government, while being owned by none of them.

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News: Prioritisation: seven challenges for the police...

Category: News

PCCs and police forces have to decide which aspects of the police role are most important and where to prioritise their resources. Our latest paper from our Police Effectiveness in Changing World project identifies seven challenges confronting efforts to prioritise

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News: So a large portion of fraud is linked to organised crime - what are the implications for the police?...

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New research by the Police Foundation and Perpetuity Research estimates that between 31 and 45% of fraud is linked to organised crime. The Police Foundation's senior research officer, Mike Skidmore calls for a police response that recognises the substantial harms caused by fraud and embraces more preventative interventions.

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Latest from our blog: Great expectations: what do the public want from the police?

Posted by: Rick Muir

Rick Muir argues that increasingly prioritising harm over traditional crime risks provoking a public backlash and recommends that the police service engages in a major exercise in public education on what the police actually do.

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Policing and justice for a digital age

Our next annual conference will take place on 1 December 2016 at the BT Auditorium in the city of London and will focus on policing and justice for a digital age. 



Police effectiveness

We have completed a major five-year project on police effectiveness in a changing world.


Organised fraud in local communities

Read our briefing on the link between organised crime and fraud.