How we can help your police force 

Using decades of expertise in crime science, criminology, evidence-based policing and public policy, we’ll support you to solve the challenges that concern you the most.      

What we do… 

  • Independent reviews of your organisation’s work (including systems, policy and practice), resulting in recommendations for change.  
  • Focused problem solving to help you understand your crime and non-crime challenges. 
  • Bring together diverse voices and stakeholders to discuss complex and challenging issues. 
  • Support your learning and development needs to upskill your workforce.  

How we do it… 

  • We apply the best UK and international research to your local operational policing challenges.
  • We undertake in depth strategic reviews using our research expertise. 
  • As an independent third party we facilitate consultation and public participation on complex or difficult issues, distilling key insights into briefing papers.  
  • We offer a growing range of courses covering topics such as police performance management and victim reassurance. We also provide bespoke courses to meet your force’s unique needs including training in problem solving, survey and consultation methods and statistical skills. 

Why the Police Foundation?  

  • We are an independent non-profit organisation focused on improving policing for the benefit of the public. All our profits are reinvested into the work of the Police Foundation.  
  • We are committed to an evidence-based approach to developing policy and practice. 
  • We have a long history of producing both policy-oriented and operationally grounded research in priority areas for policing and government, including the Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales 
  • We have expertise in completing robust quantitative and qualitative analyses and assessments using a range of methodologies. These include public or practitioner engagement through interviews, workshops and focus groups, survey methodologies and analysis of police and other crime data.  
  • We have unrivalled expertise in policing and public safety.  
  • We sit at the heart of an extensive network of national and global policing stakeholders with access to a wealth of skills and experience to support our work. 

Want to know more?  

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