The Police Foundation’s events programme provides a platform for evidence-based debate about policing by posing challenging questions of the police. Each year we hold our annual John Harris Memorial Lecture at which a major public figure reflects on the challenges facing policing today. Our annual conference explores topical subjects, providing an opportunity for the police service and its partners to meet and share ideas and best practice. Our Oxford Policing Policy Forum provides an opportunity to discuss fundamental and contentious policing issues under the Chatham House rule.

John Harris Memorial Lecture

Our annual lecture has been held since 1983 and has provided a space for a number of major public figures to reflect on the challenges facing policing today.

Oxford Policing Policy Forum

A joint initiative of the Police Foundation and the University of Oxford, the Oxford Policing Policy Forum enables stakeholders from a wide range of interest groups to discuss fundamental issues under ‘Chatham House’ rules.

Annual Conference

The Police Foundation’s annual conference is recognised as one of the leading events in the policing calendar and attracts a wide range of experts in the criminal justice field.

Performance masterclasses

Since 1991, the Police Foundation has hosted management and research seminars for police managers, analysts and researchers with responsibility for performance or information management.

Other Events