Understanding Police Performance (Masterclass 1)

Understanding police performance

8th April/7th October 2024


Who is this course for? 

Are you a police officer or civilian with responsibility for managing or analysing police performance data or do you work in a similar role in the wider public sector?

Do you need to show how well your organisation is tackling crime or meeting public demand?

Do you want to get underneath the surface of your data so you show where your organisation has really made a difference?

This course will give you: 

  • A deep understanding of the difference between ‘actual’ performance and ‘performance indicators’.
  • A theoretical and practical framework to help you interpret data to make sound decisions, or to help others to do so.
  • Confidence in avoiding the major pitfalls around understanding and using statistics.

This course is for you if…

  • You are an analyst who wants to provide high quality data your senior management team can easily use.
  • You are a manager who needs to provide evidence of progress in your department or force, or indicate where improvements are needed.
  • You are new to the subject of performance management and don’t know where to start.

This course has been developed by Malcolm Hibberd over two decades and includes everything he has learnt from teaching this subject to over 40 police forces across the UK.

Get answers to these common questions: 

  • What is performance and performance management?
  • Can performance be measured? (Spoiler alert: No!)
  • How can statistical analysis help me understand performance?
  • What problems should I be alert to when I interpret performance data?
  • What should analysis deliver and what can I expect from it?

This Masterclass will use a series of engaging and eye opening exercises to explore the challenges of interpreting performance data.

You will take away a clear set performance management principles to help you think analytically and make rational, informed decisions. The course also includes practical guidance, definitions and advice.