Police officers

In September 2019 the Police Foundation launched a major, independent Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales, the first of its kind in many years.

The overall aim of the Review is to set the long-term strategic vision for English and Welsh policing and present substantial recommendations for a modern service capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

Two phases of preparatory work will inform the Review’s final report and conclusions.

The first phase will assess and define the challenge the police service should be designed and prepared to face over the coming decades. This will involve:

  • Examining the changing nature of crime, threats to public safety and ‘demand’ on the police.
  • Understanding contemporary public and societal expectations of the police service.
  • Considering the fundamental principles that should define the police mission, remit and purpose in the current context.
  • Assessing the likely implications of predicted societal change for public safety and the police service.

The Call for Evidence for the first phase invited responses to six questions which covered four areas:

  1. Understanding crime, threat and demand
  2. Understanding public and societal expectations
  3. Reconsidering the police mission and purpose
  4. Looking ahead

The call for evidence is now closed. The call for evidence for the second phase will open later in the year. We welcome responses from any respondents as well as police organisations. Follow @policingreview on Twitter or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.