The Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales

The Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales

The Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales will examine how crime, fear of crime and other threats to public safety are changing and assess the ability of the police to respond.

This far-reaching independent review, the first of its kind in many years, will be chaired by Sir Michael Barber and hosted by the Police Foundation. It aims to set a long term strategic direction for the police service so that it is better able to tackle crime in an age where it is being transformed by new technology and wider social change. The Strategic Review of Policing will set out substantial recommendations for a modern police service capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Review will consider:

  • What the police mission should be, looking in particular at the public’s expectations of the police.
  • The capabilities and resources the police service needs to achieve this mission.
  • What the police officer of the future should look like, including their role, responsibilities, skills and knowledge.
  • How the police service should be structured and held to account, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • How the police service should work with other sectors to deal with complex social problems.
  • How much funding the police service requires and how this should be allocated.

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The work of the Review will be guided by an Advisory Board which will include former senior police officers, politicians and leading academics.

The Review will begin with a call for evidence from across the government, the police service, academia, business and community groups. A programme of events will be hosted across the country to enable police officers and members of the public to have their say about the future of policing. The Police Foundation expects to publish a final report in June 2021 and interim papers will be published during the course of the review.

This Review has been generously funded by the Dawes Trust and Deloitte. Further financial contributions are being sought and interested partners should contact the Police Foundation’s Director, Dr Rick Muir to discuss partnership opportunities.

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