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Why take a course with us?

All our courses are written and taught by Malcolm Hibberd, a Police Foundation endorsed teacher with over 40 years’ experience of working with police forces across England and Wales.

Meeting today’s challenges

Policing is having to meet many big challenges. The service must not only adapt to a major reform programme but also work within tighter budgets while meeting the government’s requirements for becoming a more professional service. The Police Foundation’s courses for police officers and staff are designed with these challenges in mind.

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About Malcolm Hibberd

Malcolm Hibberd is a social psychologist who has been working with the police for nearly 40 years, and as a police trainer for 30 years. Through his unique and distinctive teaching approach, Malcolm aims to bring subjects to life that many people would ordinarily find dull. He particularly enjoys introducing statistical concepts to people who believe they have limited mathematical skills.

In recent years he has worked increasingly in the field of victim care. Since 2018 he has personally delivered his four hour course on victim reassurance to more than 6,000 front line officers in the Metropolitan and West Mercia police services. He has developed his latest courses on empathy, unconscious bias and diversity from his work on victims of crime.

He currently offers more than thirty courses on different themes.

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I remember (some years ago now!) being trained by the totally awesome Malcolm Hibberd in survey design and analysis. Certain leaders resonate with their content and delivery; Malcolm is one of them.

Sean Price, former Head of Business Improvement, Avon and Somerset Police