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Roadcraft:The Police Driver’s Handbook and Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook have become the essential guides for better, safer driving and riding. Incorporating current best practice, they are recognised as the gold standard in advanced police driver/rider training and are used by all police forces, other emergency services, the armed services and the general public.

Roadcraft is written and endorsed by the police and other driving experts and trainers and is produced by the Police Foundation and TSO. Visit the official Roadcraft website


The origins of the handbook date back to Lord Cottenham’s teaching at the Hendon Police Driving School in 1937. He taught drivers to handle their vehicles more safely through implementing a sequence of events to ensure that their vehicle was always in the correct position, driving at the right speed, in the appropriate gear and accelerating at the right time to clear a hazard safely. The Metropolitan Police’s accident rate subsequently declined. Lord Cottenham’s notes were later published by a former senior Hendon instructor, Jock Taylor in 1954 under the title Attention All Drivers! The following year the notes were compiled into the first version of Roadcraft – a manual for police driving instruction and published by HMSO for sale to the general public. Seven more editions were published between 1960 and 2007.

Latest editions

The most recent editions of Roadcraft and Motorcycle Roadcraft were published in 2013. It is anticipated that we will be publishing a new editions in 2020.