Police leadership

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Police leadership

In its first year, the College of Policing began a review to examine police leadership training and development, given the changing context in which policing is operating. It became clear that a fundamental review of police leadership was required and this mandate was taken on in July 2014 following a commission from the then Home Secretary Theresa May.

As part of this review the Police Foundation hosted a closed roundtable discussion with 27 senior stakeholders to consider the future of police leadership. The discussion was guided by six questions:

  • What is police leadership?
  • What are the key leadership challenges that lie ahead for policing?
  • What should the police service be doing to identify and develop future leaders at all levels?
  • What should be the role of stakeholders?
  • What can policing learn from other sectors?
  • What is the value of looking outside policing for leaders and leadership; what might be the risks

A summary of the discussion is contained in this report.

Author: Gavin Hales