Police and Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners

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How can charities maximise their impact by working with Police and Crime Commissioners?

In October 2016 NPC and the Police Foundation held a roundtable of charities from across the criminal justice system. The event explored how the role of PCC has evolved, and to identify where new opportunities for partnerships with the voluntary sector may arise as the devolution agenda takes shape.

The roundtable addressed a number of questions, including:

  • How successfully have PCCs and the voluntary sector worked together over the past four years?
  • What are the implications of devolution for the commissioning of criminal justice services?
  • What opportunities are there for collaboration and innovation between PCCs and the voluntary sector?

Key insights from this roundtable can be found in this paper ‘How can charities maximise their impact by working with Police and Crime Commissioners?


Reducing crime through innovation: the role of Police and Crime Commissioners

As Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) enter their second term, questions remain about what will drive further reform and innovation. In addition, for many forces, obvious efficiencies have already been realised and partnerships formed, furthering the need to consider new and potentially more radical avenues for change.

In partnership with the Barrow Cadbury Fund, the Police Foundation held two roundtables at the 2016 Labour and Conservative party conferences to explore these issues further. A thematic summary of discussions can be found in this briefing: Reducing crime through innovation: the role of PCCs.


Police Foundation publications

Driving accountability from within: key lessons for newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners (2016) – a study by Dr Matthew Davies

Embracing police and crime commissioners: lessons from the past, directions for the future(2015) – a paper by Rick Muir and Ian Loader

Where next for PCCs? (2015) – A summary of discussion from the Police Foundation’s Oxford Policing Policy Forum

Beyond the Ballot: Lessons from electing Police and Crime Commissioners (2014) – by Matthew Davies, University of Oxford.

Policing Young Adults, a briefing for PCCs (2012)


‘PCCs are here to stay’ the Police Foundation’s Director, Rick Muir reflects on the ‘quiet success story’ pf PCCs.

‘We need to talk about Kevin’ the Police Foundation’s Director, Rick Muir reflects on the lack of diversity in the current pool of PCC candidates

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