Policing has never changed as fast and as much as it has today: the service must not only adapt to a major reform programme but also work within tighter budgets while meeting the government’s requirements for becoming a more professional service. Our courses, written and taught by Malcolm Hibberd, are designed with these challenges in mind. They are essential for anyone who is involved in managing, understanding, improving or analysing performance.

Courses have not yet been scheduled for 2018, however previous one-day masterclasses have covered the following subjects:

  • Understanding performance
  • Improving performance
  • Developing a performance cultmediumure
  • Analysing performance

If you would like to receive information about future courses, please contact Sue Roberts.

About Malcolm Hibberd

Malcolm has worked as a freelance researcher, teacher and advisor for over 30 years. While most of his experience has been in policing, he has also worked extensively in other areas of the public sector, including health, education, criminal justice, the prison service and local government.