Published: 29th June 2023
The volume of fraud has grown exponentially in the last 10-15 years and is the most pervasive crime in the UK. The Crime Survey for England and Wales estimates there...
Published: 25th September 2022
What is disruption? In law enforcement “disruption” is an attempt to develop a smarter approach to controlling serious and organised crime, perpetrated by determined, sophisticated and high-risk offenders who are...
Published: 31st March 2020
Published: 3rd December 2018
Research by the Police Foundation and Perpetuity Research has looked at improving the police response to fraud. Fraud is estimated to make up 31 per cent of all crime in...


Published: 7th May 2024

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Published: 11th May 2023
Last week the government published its long-awaited fraud strategy which seeks to strengthen the national response to fraud (HM Government, 2023). Fraud is the most common crime type affecting people...