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Published: 17th July 2020
The Police Foundation and Crest are undertaking new research into how UK policing and the Covid-19 pandemic. The project seeks to identify how policing has coped with the Covid-19 pandemic...
Published: 12th March 2020
Digital forensics inevitably plays a vital role in nearly every criminal investigation in modern times as new technology develops more and more rapidly. Data extracted from a digital device can...
Published: 20th March 2019
This project examined the relationship between data driven policing initiatives and the ability of the police to deliver public value. By data driven policing, we mean the current use of...
Published: 5th February 2019
The growth of online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) is causing increasing concern within and outside law-enforcement. The global reach of the internet and social media has opened up...


Published: 16th October 2020
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Published: 16th October 2020
In July 2018 the then Justice Secretary David Gauke MP announced that new technology would be introduced to help tackle crime in prisons. Specifically, a digital categorisation tool would be...
Published: 9th September 2020