Neighbourhood policing


Published: 5th June 2017
Police effectiveness has never been more important. Austerity now means that value for money is key and proving ‘what works’ through evidence based policing is being taken much more seriously....
Published: 16th May 2024
Background The Police Foundation’s Blueprints project explores the design choices made by English and Welsh police forces in the delivery of local policing – specifically in relation to the operating...
Published: 4th December 2018
Public approval sits at the heart of the Peelian policing model, but the police service is undergoing fundamental change and it is not clear whether the public understands what is...
Published: 21st May 2018


Published: 1st February 2017

This paper brings together key learning from the Police Foundation’s Police Effectiveness in a Changing World project.

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Published: 17th May 2024
The citizen has always been central to our model of policing, but police and public safety volunteering has long been neglected in policing policy discussions. Before the foundation of the...