Global first as leading police thinkers gather for 24-hour long Exceptional Policing the Evidence-Based Way Conference

Today (11th October 2022) and tomorrow senior politicians, high ranking police officers and leading criminologists and thinkers will gather in London, in New Zealand, and on digital devices across the world for the inaugural Conference of the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing.

This world-first collaboration between the Societies of Evidence Based Policing in the UKAustralia, New Zealand, the US and Canada presents the best available evidence to support excellence in fighting crime, building trust and leadership. Over 24 hours, the conference will be broadcast live from the Kia Oval in London and from Christchurch in New Zealand, in front of a live studio audience. Attendees will be able to watch the broadcast live from wherever they are in the world, as well as having exclusive access to all the content for six months after the event.

Speakers including Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, and its Chief Scientific Officer Professor Lawrence Sherman, father of evidence based policing, will share their vision for tackling crime based on science, technology and research. Participants will also hear from more than 60 presenters including Assistant Commissioner Deborah Platz (Queensland Police), Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien (NZ Police), Dr David Weisburd (George Mason University, USA & The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), and Dr Rick Muir, Director of the Police Foundation, who is helping organise the event.

Broadcasting will start in New Zealand in the morning of 12th October 2022 at 8am, which will be 8pm on October 11th in the UK, 3pm on the 11th in New York and 12noon in Los Angeles. The broadcast runs for a continuous 24hrs from then – coming live, fully interactive and to any device participants choose to use.

Evidence Based Policing is a way of looking at police decision-making that moves beyond traditional police assumptions and tactics. It involves testing and comparing police practices to establish their impact and effectiveness, or lack thereof. Evidence Based Policing (EBP) is growing globally, ensuring that policing strategy, operations, and tactics are based on what works, according to evidence and research. EBP combines the existing skills, knowledge and experience of police with research, crime science, problem-solving and testing to make a real difference to communities across the world.

Deputy Chief Constable Alex Murray, West Mercia Police and Chair UKSEBP said: “I don’t think a conference like this has ever been held before – TV production quality, over 24 hours, broadcast live, with a live studio audience, being able to tune in from around the world. The whole conference is brigaded around 3 main topics: What’s the best research evidence around leadership? What’s the best research evidence around trust and confidence, and what’s the best research evidence around crime fighting?

“This is 24 hours of the latest best research evidence that changes how we operate – from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US. This is relevant to everyone – from Police and Crime Commissioners who commission activity, through to leaders who make stuff happen, through to frontline officers on response or in neighbourhood. This is relevant and applied. What works is what we’re interested in, in EBP. Take it, and use it.”

Mark Evans, Deputy Chief Executive New Zealand Police added: “This is a unique opportunity to connect police practitioners with academics, criminologists and others with an interest in the policing field

“Many of the sessions are very much focused on the sorts of things that we can do on the ground, in the way that we engage with the community, in the way that we build operational models, in the way that we deploy. We’ve very much tailored the programme to the needs of policing practitioners. It’s a fantastic opportunity, given policing is under so much scrutiny around the world, to generate really good collaboration and partnership working”

The conference is open to employees of policing agencies, police officers and staff, researchers, students and representatives from other organisations working in partnership with the police and their agencies to reduce crime and improve community safety. Police departments and other organisations such as government agencies, universities or the private sector are able to sign up their entire workforce to attend this online event.

Interested individuals will be able to register at Anyone who books the event will have exclusive access to all 24 hours of content for six months afterwards, ensuring they can enjoy the full range of what is offered, and review and re-watch the sessions of particular interest.

The conference is sponsored by The Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime, SAS, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Fujitsu, KPMG Australia, The Australian Government and the Australian Institute of Criminology and supported by the College of Policing, Bank Vic, Microsoft, Zodiac Media and ESR. Media Partners include Policing Insight, Policing TV and Police Science Dr. For more information please visit