Digital forensics: the next steps

Digital forensics: the next steps

Digital forensics inevitably plays a vital role in nearly every criminal investigation in modern times as new technology develops more and more rapidly.

Data extracted from a digital device can provide exhaustive and tangible evidence of someone’s online and offline activity. While digital technology offers significant benefits for law enforcers, it can also provide opportunities for offenders to commit cyber-enabled or cyber-dependent crime.

The Transforming Forensics Programme, led by the National Police Chiefs’ Council was set up to create a strategy for improving the use of digital forensics. This is in recognition of technological change, a fragmented approach to national forensic services and increasing concerns over legality and privacy.

The Police Foundation’s research aims to understand these challenges and demonstrate the potential value digital forensics can add to investigations when there is a strong national capability, suitable resources and appropriate support for investigators.

The project will include:

• A review of the existing evidence on the use of digital forensics
• Analysis of local data, strategic documentation and interviews with stakeholders
• An expert roundtable to examine and evaluate the research findings

A report summarising the research findings will be submitted to the Transforming Forensics Programme in 2020 and also published on this website.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels