1 December 2016 Annual Conference: Policing and justice for a digital age

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Past event theme: Annual Conference

1 December 2016 Annual Conference: Policing and justice for a digital age

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With crime increasingly moving into the digital domain, the police and the criminal justice system are entering a new era where criminality and law enforcement are more frequently conducted online.

The Police Foundation’s seventh annual conference focused on ‘policing and justice in a digital age’, addressing the skills police and justice professionals require in an increasingly internet-based society.

The event explored how the internet is enabling new forms of crime and the skills and capability are needed to meet the threat; the implications of the next wave of technological innovations; how we can use Big Data to solve policing problems; the role the private sector can play in supporting the police to fulfill their role and how digital technology will transform the interface between policing and the criminal justice system and empower victims, from reporting a crime through to going to court.

View footage from the event below

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh, NPCC Chair Digital Policing Board and Lead on Digital Investigations and Intelligence speaks about the emerging threats to public safety and how they can be addressed

Carl Miller, Research Director at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos speaks about how social media is changing society, and the threats to public safety in a digital age 

Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex on how video-enabled justice has improved efficiency and brought cost savings to the criminal justice system 

Paul Whittaker, CBE, Crown Prosecution Service on how Common Platform will improve the efficiency of the criminal justice system

Dr Peter Langmead-Jones, HMIC and Dr Tom Kirchmaeir, LSE on how the police can make best use of Big Data