2018 Annual Conference: Innovation and learning in policing

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2018 Annual Conference: Innovation and learning in policing

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With demand going up and resources going down it is vital that police forces are able to try out new ideas and test different ways of working. Innovation is crucial if policing is to become more efficient and capable of keeping pace with social and technological change.

The Police Foundation’s 9th Annual Conference supported by BT and Cisco explored how to equip police, other professionals and organisations to try out new ideas and learn from their results. The event included some of the best leaders, thinkers and practitioners in policing.

The conference was opened by Professor Lawrence Sherman on the 20th anniversary of his lecture that launched the ‘Evidence Based Policing’ movement.

Selected footage and slides

Professor Lawrence Sherman KNO, Director, Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing
‘Two cheers for evidence-based policing’

Unlocking innovation: the role of PCCs 

Overcoming risk aversion in policing

Big mind: how collective intelligence can help the police learn and change

A practical guide to leading innovation within a police force

Evaluation tales: practical to organisational insights

‘Teal’ policing – creating a more human centric and participative culture in the police organisation

How the police can work with academics to improve policing

The cornerstone for innovation and learning in police leadership

Driving innovation with technology

Spreading innovation and learning: the role of the College of Policing

Police culture and the psychology of fear

How to think and act like a public entrepreneur