Published: 29th June 2023
The volume of fraud has grown exponentially in the last 10-15 years and is the most pervasive crime in the UK. The Crime Survey for England and Wales estimates there...
Published: 25th September 2022
What is disruption? In law enforcement “disruption” is an attempt to develop a smarter approach to controlling serious and organised crime, perpetrated by determined, sophisticated and high-risk offenders who are...
Published: 12th March 2020
Digital forensics inevitably plays a vital role in nearly every criminal investigation in modern times as new technology develops more and more rapidly. Data extracted from a digital device can...
Published: 20th March 2019
This project examined the relationship between data driven policing initiatives and the ability of the police to deliver public value. By data driven policing, we mean the current use of...


Published: 3rd May 2023
Related themes: Cybercrime, Fraud, Organised crime

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Published: 19th July 2022
Michael Skidmore and Beth Aitkenhead One of the biggest challenges facing policing and law enforcement is how to respond to the growing challenge of online child sexual abuse (CSA). A...
Published: 9th September 2020